The Traveller is available for Print

The Traveller is available for Print

This was from my most memorable impormptu trip back in the day. With no resevations or travel plan, the three of set out to capture some local sports and landscapes at a coastal town and ofcourse the food.

Just because someone told us the sunsets are amazing at this beach, we headed out to the beach. And I am glad we did. We were simply stunned with the view, and I'm glad I was able to cpature my friend just staring down the sunset.

All my photographs are printed on Glass using Fracture.

I love prints by fracture as they are different from traditional picture frames. Instead of printing on paper, they print directly on Glass. No more separate picture, frame and mount hooks.  A fracture frame combines all those in one beautiful, lasting, final picture frame.

Contact me for payment and shipping information.

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Jamie Larson