The 20 Fastest Growing Jobs in the Next Decade

Jenna Ross writing for Visual Capitalist:

The tile and the choice of visualization caught my eye. The visualization especially does a great job as it very clearly tells me what will matter in the future and what is becoming obsolete.

# 11 on the top 20 fastest growing job did raise my eyebrow. With deforestation in South America and Siberia and the glaciers melting at a faster rate, we are opening ourselves to more and more unknown viruses.

Warning: Education Required
As the composition of employment shifts, it eliminates some jobs and creates others. For instance, while production jobs are declining, new opportunities exist for “computer numerically controlled tool programmers.” These workers develop programs to control the automated equipment that processes materials.
However, while many of the fastest growing jobs are higher paying, they typically also require advanced education.

A good reference if you have kids who will be applying for college in the next few years. I wonder how this will change in the next decade.

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Jamie Larson