Nvidia's Growth!

Nvidia's market value has exceeded Tesla & Amazon COMBINED!

Nvidia's Growth!
Nvidia’s last 12 months have been off the charts, gaining $1.8 trillion in market cap
All AIs on me For the stock market, the story of this week has been the story of the past year, with all eyes locked on AI-computing leader…
Shares in the company rose another 9% after the fact, taking Nvidia close to a $2.6 trillion market cap, up more than $1.8 trillion in the last 12 months. That's roughly equivalent to adding the value of a New York Times Company ($8B) every 38 hours or a Goldman Sachs (market cap $148B) every single month… for a year.

It's not the growth that is surprising; it's the acceleration that is mind boggling here.

Here is a summary of numbers from their earnings call:

  • Revenue $26.04 billion (↑ $7.19 billion y/y) and destroying estimates of $24.69 billion.
  • Data center revenue $22.6 billion vs. $4.28 billion y/y, smashing estimates of $21.13 billion.
  • Professional Visualization revenue $427 million, +45% y/y, missing estimates of $479.1 million.
  • Automotive revenue $329 million, +11% y/y, beating estimates of  $292.4 million.
  • Adjusted gross margin 78.9% vs. 66.8% y/y, blowing away estimates of 77%.
  • R&D expenses $2.72 billion, +45% y/y, in line with estimate $2.73 billion.
  • Adjusted operating expenses $2.50 billion, +43% y/y, in line with estimates of $2.51 billion.
  • Adjusted operating income $18.06 billion vs. $3.05 billion y/y, crushing estimates of $16.46 billion.
  • Free cash flow $14.94 billion vs. $2.64 billion y/y, estimate $12.29 billion.

The data center revenue is the all important one. As time rolls by, those numbers are expected to accelerate.

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