Morocco! What a team! 🇲🇦⚽️

Morocco’s history-making run saw them become the first African nation to reach the semi-finals and now the #4. What a team! What a run!

We waited all year for FIFA 2022 to get going and in no time it was here. Time flew this year.

I watched Morocco play against Croatia in their first match and I walked away very impressed.  Well, little did I know that I will be awestruck with Walid Regragui’s team for the next few weeks. They stunned every single opponent and the world.

What a team!

Morocco vs Croatia (0-0)

Great game, lots of missed chances on both the sides. Highlight for me was the save by Bono and the missed kick by Luka Modrić.  Also, Croatia was FIFA 2018 finalist.

Morocco vs Belgium (2-0)

Last year’s semi-finalists, Belgium was playing well. It looked like the game was heading to a draw and the tam would share points. And then out of nowhere Morocco finishes the game 2-0.

Morocco vs Canada (2-1)

Hakim Ziyech scored the goal in the 4th minute! That’s just amazing.

At the 40th minute, it was the first time a country scored a goal against Morocco.  A well deserved top of the group and a place in the Round of 16.

Round of 16: Morocco vs Spain (0-0)

Penalty Shootout (3-0)

I loved the way Morocco played this game.  Once the game was moving towards a draw, they just looked so confident about the penalty shootout. And boy what a penalty shoot out that was. So much pressure! Yassine Bounou you beauty!

Quarter Finals: Morocco vs Portugal (1-0)

The reaction on Ronaldo’s face said it all. Just before half time when Youssef En-Nesyri scored the goal, they knew they had their place in the semi finals. And I believe Ronaldo knew it too. It would take Portugal to play out of their skin to win this one.

Semi Finals: Morocco vs France (0-2)

Theo Hemández (France) scores the goal within the first 5 minutes of the match. And this is the first time ever in the tournament Morocco is trailing.

3rd Place Decider: Morocco vs Croatia ()

Croatia played its best game today. The goal by Oršić was just amazing.

Morocco’s history-making run saw them become the first African nation to reach the semi-finals. What a team! What a run!

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Jamie Larson