Meta’s VR announcement at Connect 2022

Lipstick on a pig by Nick Heer:

Zuckerberg preemptively responded to criticisms like these by reminding everyone that this category is just getting started. But that is a bit of misdirection. Oculus, the virtual reality hardware company Meta bought, was founded in 2012; Meta bought it in 2014. On a technical level, Meta can point to plenty of improvements. But it is much more difficult for anyone to point to clarifications in the concept and purpose of virtual reality. Again, I would be an idiot to argue there are none at all, but this week’s keynote would have been a great time for Meta to illustrate something new and enrich the story. So far, it does not have legs.

I put an eye mask when I have trouble falling asleep or when I am traveling. Honestly, even as a video game platform this is super under powered.

I don’t think Meta has a use case that will launch VR as a mainstream product.

Although, my 10 year old enjoys flying over different cities at the local mall using these.


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Jamie Larson