Here you won’t find any cloth or paper backdrops. You won’t find your typical studio or tons of artificial lights and absolutely no forced poses.  Rather we’ll journey across landscapes in search of light and that perfect backdrop. We’ll go find the right field or forest shining in golden light, explore that cute little town or find that one cobblestone path in the city. 


And then there are portraits of us. Be it a wedding, an engagement or just letting the world know that you are in love. 


Expect no shot list, no script, no plans or unnatural poses. Expect lots of exploring, lots of silliness, fun and most importantly dogs just being dogs; because thats what it’s all about. It’s those tiny, silly moments that are important and we wish could last forever. 

The Mattersons.jpg

Take a look at my latest work. The lovely Matterson family.



New York
New Jersey
United States


Pets, Kids, Family

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