Coming Soon: New Update to LearnTheFlags

LearnTheFlag has been doing well and I have been enjoying using it with my son to teach him about the different countries in the world. The latest addition of the Map view and including the Wiki link has been great.

The Map view is pretty simple. The idea was to use the MapKit along with the Shuffled view to look at the list of countries for a given Continent. Pretty simple. That way you can focus on one continent and learn the countries within.

Except that when you zoom out, you see a bunch of markets across the map; and you can’t figure out which is the selected country cause they all look same. My son looked at me and said, hmm which one is Belize?

I looked at this phone and smacked my head. But a good find. He just learned the first lesson in product management - I told myself and got my MacBook out. The solution was pretty simple to me; show all the stars just like they are but only highlight the one in blue thats selected. That way, they can see where the country is located along with all the other markets.

Keep you feedback coming; over the next few weeks, I will be adding more interactions especially with the Map view. The next update once again is a suggestion from my son where he would like to select a continent when doing the Quiz.

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Jamie Larson