Big Data Knows When You're Going to Quit Your Job Before You Do

VMware has been testing a new prediction technology from Workday, which makes software for human resources departments. The system delivers notifications about when employees might be getting ready to quit, and allows managers to intervene before it's too late. It looks for trends within employee activity, when promotions were last handed out, regional factors, changes in the industry and other data to make its predictions. The recommendations can improve over time as employers train the system.

The 'Other Data' part is what I'm interested in. There is no way one can predict this without snooping into the employee's system; check their browsing hisotry and if need be read chat and email logs.

Box, a file storage provider that's expected to go public next year, acquired a startup last year named DLoop to help develop predictive capabilities for its applications. DLoop's technology can analyze the contents and attributes of a document, and automatically tag them. Box has been testing this with the company's own legal department to figure out which files may contain confidential information that would require extra precautions with how they're stored and shared. The experiment looks at about 100 documents a day. And it works, says Sanam Saaber, Box’s senior commercial counsel. "We have enough confidence in this product to go live on a day-to-day basis,” she says.

So only after the system has 'looked into the document', it can determine what tags are appropriate.

Computer predictions aren’t just about making office life a little more pleasant. Airbnb uses a variation of these algorithms to predict which renters and guests would be the best fit. The room-rental site says the technology has improved matches by 4 percent. Airbnb is currently developing a system to look at the photos of homes uploaded to the site and figure out how “attractive” they are to customers. “We are trying to promote listings with more attractive images,” says Maxim Charkov, the search lead at Airbnb.

I have used Airbnb a few times now and I must admit, pictures make a huge difference.  Most of the times I have had a good experience with the place that I have rented, but not always. At times the place is extremely dusty, appliances don't work. 

Eventually, Airbnb may offer a digital interior designer that predicts ways to enhance listings and spruce up homes to increase bookings.

Instead hire people to actually visit the place and give a compliance certificate. That might help.