Capturing fall colors with Romeo

It was almost the end of a cold and unexpected Sunday, sulking with the fact that Monday is not going to get any warmer.  We are driving around the Far Hill mountains in Jersey in absolute silence trying to see if we can spot some changing color or if we could get a glimpse of a drive way with colorful fall foliage.  For the most part it looked dark green.

We had just gotten back from our drive and Sunday evening did not disappoint me.  A tree right in front of my house is colored in green, yellow and red strokes of fall and the fading light was perfect.  We walked in to our home to the warmth of the heater and I pulled my camera and out I went with Romeo.  I got busy clicking the leaves and of course Romeo decides to show up in the frame.  

An absolute joy it was to click him while I kept saying in my mind, "I found my subject".

More pictures coming soon...

Romeo loves his blanket

My dog loves his blanket so much that he nows has this uncanny ability to convert anything into a blanket.  


Why does he do this?  Well after reading a couple of blogs and reading a book, here is what I concluded.  Dogs are den animals and thus its their natural instinct to sleep or relax in small, covered space like a cave or a den.  Well Romeo has very few covered spaces at our home and no den - but a crate that he absolutely hates it.  That explained his love for his blanket and curtains.  

Next mystery for me is to know why is he sneaking out with socks!