I have a dog - Romeo and I have nothing to say after watching this video.  

The short film above, titled “Denali,” is photographer Ben Moon's beautiful and touching tribute to his dog Denali, who passed away last year at the age of 14. It’s a story of love and friendship, creatively told from Denali’s perspective.

First few with Moment Lens.

After waiting for a long time, I finally received my lens. The timing worked out to be perfect though. I was traveling to Chicago. Although for business; it was a good opportunity to test this lens out. 

The first thing you will notice is the reaction from the people around you. The moment you stick a giant round piece of glass to your phone; people are going to notice. They are going to ask you about it. So be prepared. On a casual use of about 2 hours over the entire day, I was asked about the lens by about 3 people. 

That aside, the moment lens is a gorgeous piece of glass. I do not see any loss of color or pixels. Its fantastic. I was amazed at the quality of my pictures.

The downside (until now, just one) is that you may not able to easily clean the dust that settles on the lens. Dust does gather on your phone lens but since there is nothing attached around; its easier to clean the lens with your finger tips. With moment that becomes difficult. Carry a lens cleaner or a cotton bud.

Here are some pictures using moment lens from New York and Chicago.

Top of the Rock

"ANY Point of View" says one of the many advertising boards across 6 blocks around surrounding Rockefeller center.  If you haven't been to the top of the deck you haven't see New York.  You do not begin with this view but you end your visit here.  I have been here 6 times and I find a different view always.

A quick visit to the top, a few pictures clicked, a stare at the Empire state building and a peek at the back yard that stretches almost ~60 blocks isn't enough.  Rather come here a few hours before sunset, look around pick your spot and wait patiently.  

The deck at Rockefeller Center is famous.  Thousands of tourists visit this landmark in New York every single day and it gets pretty crowded especially when the sun is going down. Once you pick your spot you want to wait for a chance to get as close as possible to the balcony.  Tripods are not allowed but the balcony is perfect to get some steady shots (you can sneak in a minim tripod in your bag though).

When on top, the Empire State building is stunning.  But look around, there is a reason why they call it "ANY point of view".  New York is beautiful all around.  Straight ahead is the Empire State Building, look past it and you get to see the Freedom Tower.  Look around to the left to view the Verrazano Bridge, the Rockaways and Brooklyn in its miniature glory.  A bit more to the left its the Chrysler building but the disappointing MetLife building blocks your view of this magnificent building.  Here is an interesting story about the rivalry between the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building - A beautiful podcast by 99% Invisible.

One of my favorite building is the Citigroup building - there is nothing great about the right angle triangle top building, but when you have to consider the history about this building, you will appreciate the design and structural engineering genius behind this building.  

Not only the views from the top are amazing, but look around you, I am sure you would find interesting frames right there as well.

You can view all my pictures from the top in my gallery.


On location in Iceland with the iPhone 6 & 6+

I really enjoy the challenge and spontaneity of capturing powerful images without directing them. I love to explore, see a moment coming, line up the shot and capture it as it passes. The great thing about carrying the iPhone as my primary shooting device is it’s simple yet so powerful: it’s ready to capture virtually any scenario I encounter. It enables images like this in a way no other camera ever could, no matter the cost.
— Austin Mann

Austin Mann is an amazing travel photographer and looking at these pictures from Iceland, makes me want to go to Iceland (obviously) and get the iPhone 6 (obviously).

Image Source: Austin Mann

Image Source: Austin Mann

Head here to see some amazing pictures and videos from Iceland by Austin Mann from his expedition.