Shot on iPhone, July 2015

One of the best café I have visited in a very long time. Great coffee too...

July was slow and warm. It was Jim Thorpe, PA to begin with and a walk over Brooklyn Bridge to end it. 

The Longest NYC subway ride - can you make one?

This is uber fun. 

The MTA website says it's a 38-mile trip from 241st Street in the Bronx to Far Rockaway, but we think we can do better. We found a route between those same two stations that covers over 148 miles of track. It uses every subway line at least once and requires 45 transfers.

Head over to the site to see if you can come up with the longest route...

Shot on iPhone, June 2015

One of my favorites from last month... an ideal Sunday morning.

many more from New York and New Jersey...

First few with Moment Lens.

After waiting for a long time, I finally received my lens. The timing worked out to be perfect though. I was traveling to Chicago. Although for business; it was a good opportunity to test this lens out. 

The first thing you will notice is the reaction from the people around you. The moment you stick a giant round piece of glass to your phone; people are going to notice. They are going to ask you about it. So be prepared. On a casual use of about 2 hours over the entire day, I was asked about the lens by about 3 people. 

That aside, the moment lens is a gorgeous piece of glass. I do not see any loss of color or pixels. Its fantastic. I was amazed at the quality of my pictures.

The downside (until now, just one) is that you may not able to easily clean the dust that settles on the lens. Dust does gather on your phone lens but since there is nothing attached around; its easier to clean the lens with your finger tips. With moment that becomes difficult. Carry a lens cleaner or a cotton bud.

Here are some pictures using moment lens from New York and Chicago.