Android Hardware Profits Tanked in 2014

Ina Fried at ReCode writes:

While Android continued to gain market share in the global smartphone market, it saw a significant drop on another key metric: Profits.

Profits - Isn't that supposed to be the most important thing?

A lot of that is due to the big drop in profits at Samsung, the largest player in the Android market. China’s Xiaomi gained significant market share, but is only modestly profitable thanks to its slim margins. Meanwhile, other players like Sony and Motorola lost money in their Android-based mobile businesses.

So what happened to "Android is going to destroy everyone?"  Market share is one thing, making money out of it is another. Google here has nothing to loose here. They would love the market share aspect of it since ads would make the money for them. But for their hardware partners; they have got to start thinking about making money.