Zero Inbox

The race to having a zero inbox is on (I think). Looks like every other person in silicon valley is now trying to solve the ~30 year problem on the way one uses email.

First of all I don’t know what actually is the problem with email.  It works fine for me and it has worked for almost every one for ~30 years and counting. 

Email was (probably) one of the first communication tool (after regular mail) that stuck. Sending someone a mail in mere seconds was awesome. People understood the potential of email and so did retailers and the doctor who wants you to have good hair of a better sex life. This brings me to Zero Inbox.  

There are a number of apps now that allow you to manage your email better and allow you to snooze, archive, yada-yada to achieve that Zero Inbox. But that number never goes down. 

I signed up for an email Id in 1998 on usa-dot-net; I don’t even know if it exists but I got rid of it when they became a paid service.  Finally I signed up for an email Id on Hotmail in 2001 and finally settling with a Gmail id in 2003.  After that I have had 2 accounts on Gmail (I don’t know why) and my work email.  I spend about an hour every day (not at a stretch) and I receive about 90 emails on an average on all my 4 inboxes.

This is how my Mailbox app looks like:


One email that I replied sometime back and before I swipe it to archive.  

“This is one of the reason Google Inbox does not work for me.  I find Mailbox app way better with its non-material design and ease of use on an iPhone.”

I did use tags in the past, but ever since the search has gotten better on these applications, I no longer tag my mails.  Searching is way better and easier.  And if you want even more search capabilities, use CloudMagic.

There is one thing I do every time I look at my Inbox. I don’t open every single email necessarily but I do scan them to see if I need that email or simply delete it.  This allows me to figure out if a newsletter frequency has increased or not. One of those I open, look for the unsubscribe from their service and delete the mail.  

Couple of other things that I did on my settings is go and hide the batch icon for unread emails.  This allows me to go to my email when I want to and not every time when there is a red badge. If you are using the default mail application on your phone, change your archive option to delete in your settings.  Chances are you want to delete more mails then just archiving them. 

I don't know if there is anything like an email ninja; I ain't no email ninja for sure.