Deep linking & search in iOS 9 will change everything

In iOS 9, apps are cohesively linked together via deep links and the experience feels magical.

I can't wait for this feature. Also, when I tested this out on iOS 9; I was amazed that Apple changed the animation for this feature. It is no longer a circular swap; but a simple slide over.

Apple calls this Universal Deep Linking. It will have a profound impact on the iOS ecosystem and more importantly on mobile search.

No doubt about it. And this brings me to search. 

While it’s great that apps can link to each other in a way that we’re all used to, via web links, what’s more important is the implication of deep linking on mobile search. At the moment, any blue link you tap, whether on Google Search App for iOS or, is mostly web content that Google has crawled. But we live in an age where a large chunk of interesting content also lives inside of apps, completely inaccessible to Google or anyone else for that matter.
This week, Apple laid out a set of powerful APIs that are intended to solve this problem. The first API lets an application developer tell iOS about her content. The developer specifies the content, the keywords associated with that content, and a deep link to that content. Once she does that, iOS indexes the content and gets it ready for a potential search by a user.

This is big. With this feature on iOS, I could simple type what I'm looking for and it will show me the results in the app (of course it is up to the developers to build this). No more Google search and no more thinking will this app have their content on web so that it is indexed. Wonder what will this do to SEO. Will there be another world of simplifying stuff so that it shows up in search? Guess we will have to wait and watch.

Oh and with this the original 0 screen is back :)