Every bit will help.

Its a National Holiday. The constitution of the biggest democracy in the world came into force about 60 years back. As a 20 year old, growing up in a metropolitan city, it was a day off. It was a day to enjoy a game of cricket in the last few days of winter before the scorching summer heat takes over the western state of India.

I was tired. I didn't feel good. I was recovering from a broken ankle and jogged with a limp all morning. I kept my feet up in the air when I could. I had to do it. I had to get away from the crutch that I had been using for a good 6 months now. I had to get back. I had no time left to waste. 

I took a break. I had to. I heard a rumble; no a roar; a deafening one. I look up, I see around. I'm loosing balance; I could see the world lift up and come down crashing onto me. I shut my eyes and prepared for the worst. 

It stopped after a couple of minutes. It was calm. It was calm like never before. I was still standing. I open my eyes; and everyone is around me huddled together. It wasn't me alone. They felt it to. They saw it to. It was an earth quake. It was 7.9 on the Richter. I was at the safest place when it happened. 

The city that I spent the last 15 years had a new landscape to show. In just under 2 minutes, everything changed. Everyone was shocked. Towering buildings that once reached for the skies were gone. Poof. Vanished in thin air (ground). A few stood crooked. A few crumbled and on the verge of extinction. I was seeing this side of Mother Earth for the first time. 

What followed had been one of the worst time that I have witnessed. Extreme emotions, sadness and despair. I have never been anxious and happy to see my parents. Alive & Safe. Horror stories and aftershocks followed for weeks. It felt as if the world was coming to an end.

Hope is one of the best feeling a human being can ever have. Stories of survival and life emerged. The collective mood of despair had disappeared. No one though about themselves as victim. 

Stories of help and aid made us felt, we are not alone in this.

What happened in Nepal a few weeks back, took me back to 2001.  Every bit helps. If you haven't,  please help. It doesn't matter what you can't send. What matter is you helped. It's more then enough. 

There are several medium by which one can help. A simple search on Google, Bing or Yahoo will show you all possible channels to send help.  I used Apple Pay in two taps - It just took me two taps.

iPhone the 800 lbs Gorilla

Apple sold 346 Million iPhones worth $214 Billion in the past two years. At the same time, Apple sold 36 Million Macs worth $46 Billion and 138 Million iPads worth $61 Billion. That means the combined sale of Macs and iPad is still half of what the iPhone brings in for Apple.

Apple Computers Inc.

Here is a great article by Jason Snell on SixColors.com and this quote stands out for me in the article:

I believe Apple is truly a company that is always looking at the big picture, I really do. The iPhone and iPad and Mac all work together, using iTunes and iCloud and even Apple Pay as infrastructure, in a harmonious way. But at the same time, it’s hard not to look at the size of Apple’s iPhone business and wonder how the success of the iPhone affects Apple’s decision-making.

Apple did have a great quarter, one of the best among any company in the world and just to iterate what that means here is a beautiful article by M.G. Siegler - Apple, The Oil Company?

Not to say that Apple is ignoring the other aspects of their business but the iPhone definitely stands out in that pie chart.  And it truly makes sense for Apple to concentrate on the iPhone, however I think Apple is now at a very comfortable position. A position where they can still concentrate on the iPhone and create new eco-systems around the iPhone. Samsung tried doing this and failed miserably with the Samsung Gear watch. But Apple instead of rushing into releasing a watch, took their time, have thought about the product and is now laughing after 2 generations of Samsung Gear watch. 

Another quote from Jason Snell’s article:

For the iPod to become a hit product, it had to connect to both Macs and PCs. Apple initially didn’t support the PC, then did so reluctantly (with third-party jukebox software), and finally did so through iTunes for Windows, which Steve Jobs famously likened to a glass of ice water to people in hell.
For the Apple Watch to become a hit product, it just needs to please a bunch of iPhone users. The iPhone market is large enough that the Apple Watch doesn’t need to stake out new ground for Apple, at least not yet. (I don’t think the Apple Watch will ever connect to Android devices, but it’s possible that one day the Watch might be such a device unto itself that it simply won’t care if you have a phone nearby, or what’s on it.) It’s going to be years, if ever, before the Apple Watch becomes a product that isn’t made for iPhone users.

In terms of eco-system, there is already Apple Pay which is amazing, Car Play has had good reviews and the Apple Watch is set to come out in April 2015 and then there are many more areas where Apple can go.

Apple TV could be the next hardware to be integrated with the iPhone. I don’t know if Apple would ever build a TV from scratch of will stick to the current model (box that connects to your TV), however if my Apple TV can understand gestures and voice input viola. Today my iPhone connects to my Apple TV but has very basic functionality. Why not handing off a TV show that I was watching on Netflix or Hulu on my iPhone/iPad to my TV when I want to. Why can’t I create and manage my queue on my iPhone or iPad and watch it later on Apple TV. Allow me to answer a phone call while watching TV when my phone isn’t close enough (I’m just lazy to get up and grab it). The possibilities are endless.

Home security - iPhone or iPad can be at the center of it. There are 3rd party apps that already do this. There are a ton of accessories that you can use it along side your iPhone or iPad to track your health, to take great pictures, to measure moisture, to take temperatures, etc.

The possibilities are endless.

Ever since I have owned an iPhone, if there is an accessory or gadget that works with my iPhone; thats half of my decision make done. The remaining depends on how good the product is, quality, aesthetics, integration etc.  And when Apple builds something, it takes care of all that.

I think the stronger & bigger that gorilla is, the better.

More on Samsung's new Payment option

LoopPay hopes to use a system known as tokenization, which substitutes a shopper’s card information with a unique placeholder, to accomplish this. The token is later matched up with a specific credit card account by a card network or bank. A merchant never receives or stores the actual payment information.

Let me guess the name of this service - ‘Samsung Pay’!!?

Samsung is searching for an answer to Apple Pay

Samsung is edging closer to debuting its own take on wireless payments, according to a report from Recode. Following the launch of Apple Pay earlier this year, Samsung has reportedly been trying to license technology from startup LoopPay to create a competing service. Although the site’s anonymous sources agree that LoopPay and Samsung have been in talks, one says the deal “could still fall apart,” even though another says a prototype payments system has already been created.

Having a payment system on your phone is not the answer to Apple Pay. What Apple did right was bring the bing banks and stores on board. That matters.  The moment Apple Pay was launched, I had an email from my Bank talking about Apple Pay.  

I work in New York and when I walk across a bank on the street, I see Banks (not Apple) advertising Apple Pay. People know what Apple Pay is. Yes Google wallet came to this party a long time back - but only a certain % of people know what Google Wallet is and how Google Wallet works. 

Perhaps more interestingly, LoopPay is best-known for “Magnetic Secure Transmission” technology that mimics a card swipe, allowing users to pay with their phone even at terminals that don’t support NFC.

This made me laugh.