Between Heaven and Earth, an Airline Ticket Gone Awry

That’s when the trouble started. A monk at the monastery, Brother Noah, called United and said he was told that the company never received payment for the ticket. This sounded insane, given that Brother John Baptist had already used the outbound portion of the itinerary. United’s rep then said something a little contradictory: Brother John Baptist actually had credit for a return flight, but he could not use this credit because of suspicion that the original transaction was fraudulent.

I have had similar experiences with United. I booked a ticket on United and later had to cancel for personal reasons. I got an email from United that I could use this money for booking a flight in future for the next 1 year. When I was ready to book my flight for a vacation, United very convienently said they could not find the transaction. It's been 6 months now, I'm still takling with United to figure out how to get a refund or use that money for a future flight.

Are you listening United?