What's wrong with Apple's new 12-inch MacBook Air

Besides a new look for the front of the computer, the entire unibody has been revamped from the keyboard to the trackpad to the speakers. Taking cues from the 12-inch PowerBook introduced by Steve Jobs over a decade ago, the new keyboard sits edge-to-edge across the width of the laptop. In addition to going edge-to-edge, the entire key set has been subtly redesigned so that each key sits noticeably closer together.

Image Source: 9 to 5 Mac

What looks odd to me about this image is that the Power button is on the top left corner. If this rumor is true, I would question Apple as to why would you replace the 'esc' key which has a far more prominent use being the first key on the top.

I can blindly hit the top left of the key as the first attempt to stop whatever process is going on.  Narrow keys are easy to adjust; it would take about a week for me to get use to it. Bu this now means I have to train myself all over again to hit the 'esc' key precisely. 

Apart from that, doing away with all the ports and having just two, one for headphones jack and the other for a Type-C USB port.  I have my reservations about that as well.  

And why not have MagSafe? And if this one Type-C USB port is for everything, does it solve the  most important feature of MagSafe? Or will the MacBook Air have an Apple Watch type charging port? Inductive charging for something that size, hmmm....  

Oh and BTW, I did not see the world "Retina Display" anywhere.