They have the best views...

New York is one of the best places for photography, but to capture the skyline of New York, especially Manhattan; one must go across the Hudson River.

The stretch form New Port to Exchange Place in Jersey City you have breath taking views of Downtown Manhattan. Do not be in a hurry to get there and click pictures; but take your time and reach there just about 20 minutes before sunset and you won't be disappointed. 

The sun setting just behind you casts a beautiful golden hue on the entire city. If you are lucky, go on an overcast day and if the rain clouds are clearing. 

The city that never sleeps; turns on those tungsten and energy efficient LED's once the sun goes down. Transitioning form the Golden hour to the Blue hour is also a surreal experience.

For a place to have the best views of Manhattan, do have some pretty views for themselves as well, Just look around. 


Magic in Mosaic

This is by far one of my favorite panorama picture I've taken in a long time. Philly's Magic Garden is an amazing place. Art by Isaiah Zagar, and one of his largest to date. Spans about three city lots, is a labyrinth of mosaics made from kitchen tiles, bike wheels, Latin-American art to china plates. 

Print your Pictures...

Canon came up with a hilarious ad (kind of) to persuade their users to print then just having digital copies of your pictures.  I take pictures and I make a conscious effort to print them. Its the only way to know if you clicked it correctly. The only way to know if you post processed them correctly. 

Print you pictures.


As a consumer on the network, I feel that I have to make extra effort to discern what is real and what is sponsored content. Surely, I can’t be the only person who is getting frustrated by seeing sponsored photos from people I follow on Instagram. This does come with a downside though. These days, I simply unfollow everyone who is just sharing sponsored posts. Today alone I unfollowed about 15 people (one of then being Christoffer Coflin, a swedish photographer I have recommended in the past with a million followers) just to purge my list of the nonsense posts.

Om Malik hits the nail on the head. I was excited with instagram because I could follow people and their creative art. =I use my instagram account for pictures that I shoot with my iPhone. I have at times added pictures shot with an SLR and they are clearly marked & tagged. With more and more people posting stuff for advertising, I feel instagram is loosing it charm.