I got my music back. At least most of it

Jim Dalrymple on his trouble with Apple music:

So now I have the iTunes Match service that I pay for separately, and Apple Music, both of which use iCloud Music Library. There is really no way to get away from them if you want to use the latest and greatest from Apple.

I’ll admit, I’m still trying to get my head around how this works.

Apple said my music was never deleted and that it was in the cloud the entire time. Before Apple Music, iTunes Match would show me all of my songs—matched, uploaded, and purchased. However, if you turn off iCloud Music Library and Apple Music, iTunes Match will only show your purchased content now. There is no way to separate iTunes Match from the iCloud Music Library. Before, you would turn off iTunes Match—now you would turn off iCloud Music Library.

These are the challenges when you are integrating something new (or in this case existing) into an already established and widely used apps. There are way more advantages in keeping them separate, however I would argue and side with Apple's approach here in having one single app. Get the clutter out, one is way better then two. 

Hope these are early times and will get better in the future until then I wish I don't have to by my deleted files again.