As a consumer on the network, I feel that I have to make extra effort to discern what is real and what is sponsored content. Surely, I can’t be the only person who is getting frustrated by seeing sponsored photos from people I follow on Instagram. This does come with a downside though. These days, I simply unfollow everyone who is just sharing sponsored posts. Today alone I unfollowed about 15 people (one of then being Christoffer Coflin, a swedish photographer I have recommended in the past with a million followers) just to purge my list of the nonsense posts.

Om Malik hits the nail on the head. I was excited with instagram because I could follow people and their creative art. =I use my instagram account for pictures that I shoot with my iPhone. I have at times added pictures shot with an SLR and they are clearly marked & tagged. With more and more people posting stuff for advertising, I feel instagram is loosing it charm.