Why is Android Still the Second Platform Developers Work On?

“On a Galaxy S4 with Samsung’s Multi-Window feature enabled, Emu’s popup windows are squished by the keyboard. This doesn’t happen on the Galaxy S4 sold by Google, without Samsung’s software modifications; or with the Multi-Window feature on the Galaxy S3. We’ve investigated, but because it relates to Samsung-specific functionality, we probably can’t fix it without direct cooperation from them.”


“On some Galaxy Nexus phones, when you’re listening to Pandora and get a notification sound from Emu, Pandora’s volume drops. This doesn’t happen with other apps’ notifications, nor does it happen with streaming apps other than Pandora, nor does it happen on any other device.”

This is what you get for all that flexibility that you try to achieve in coming up with different shapes and sizes. 

However if this was the route Google was going from the beginning, it made sense they came up with someone kind of framework like iOS's Autolayout where you design your app in a universal mode and it works on your iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6+ and your iPad Mini and iPad.  

This is such a fascinating read.