Twitter is in news again...

It was an exiting day in late 2008 when I first created a twitter account and was amazed at what 140 characters could do and how magically I could connect with people that I have never met in different parts of the world. Twitter was one item that was always running on my desktop, Macbook and Blackberry. Wow, that feels like a really long time.

It's 2015 those same 140 characters amazes me and at the same time annoys me. Yes I still use twitter, and its now one of the many item on my iPhone, iPad or MacBook. Its there, running in the background among other things; I contribute but to be very honest I hardly read my twitter feed. When I do I have to scroll ferociously; maybe because I see more irrelevant stuff from my extend network or its the ads. I don't know. I haven't lost hope. Yet. 

Om Malik puts it really well in his article "Did Twitter Lose the Plot?":

I don’t know what is going on at Twitter. But I sure as hell would like to read about something other than palace intrigue. It is time to bring a set of fresh perspectives when it comes to telling the Twitter story.