How & why Facebook video can overtake YouTube

The strategic problem for YouTube is that the views come at the end of the click. While I follow Vice’s Munchies and DigitalRev TV, I rarely hit on the related videos. I click on the email or the notification on my iPad, watch the video and bounce. In comparison, Facebook has a complete feedback loop. Not only are they a discovery engine, they are also a consumption platform. The click starts on Facebook and ends on Facebook.

This has been one of the biggest reasons that I have been watching more videos on Facebook compared to YouTube. I don't spend too much time on Facebook but yes those 15-20 minutes at the end of the day during my commute is when I catch up with whats going on and I realize that a large % of my content is videos today. I go to YouTube only when I have a specific goal in my mind; like go look up how to change car wipers, or play Elmo so that my toddler stops throwing his tantrum for the next 10 minutes.