Why and Why Not Google?

It’s not that sharing personal details is new—we do it all the time with friends and family. What we get in return, we hope, is a strengthened bond with those we share with. But Google is not our friend. In fact, when viewed in the context of traditional relationships, Google behaves mostly like a false friend, a traitor, taking our secrets and passing them along to others.

Over the last 6 months or so, I have reduced my dependency on Google.

I can’t kill the GMail account because it has too much inertia, but I hope traffic to it fades away over the next year or so.

Gmail is the only service at the moment that is keeping me hooked on to Google. In the past several months most of my other Google based services that I used have moved on to other providers and it all started with Google's abandonment of Google Reader and the launch of Google Now service for me.