Tamasha - Why always the same story!

I read reviews of movies at a lot of places, since in this day and age they are NEWS! Who overacted, how much $$ did the money make (which is intriguing since today the least amount a movie can make 100 crores), who fell in love with whom and what was all the controversy about. 

I have read every single review by Prakash Jashnani at talking talkies. It's because all his reviews are none of the above. Straightforward and to the point and every time I watch a movie after reading his review or the other way, I find my self nodding my head in agreement. 

Prakash writing on Tamasha:

Tamasha is probably also Imtiaz Ali’s first foray into meta narratives or the metamovie for Tamasha is a story about stories, storytelling, storytellers, and the story-within-the-story. Reason why Tamasha so often treads into the domain of the absurd. While this absurdity is not new in Ali’s movies, it sure reaches its zenith in Tamasha, thanks to a liberated performance by Ranbir Kapoor as the lost-and-found soul Ved who needs his soul mate Tara (Deepika Padukone) to show him the mirror to his real inner self. It is in these absurd moments that Ranbir Kapoor goes haywire doing things “normal” people would not.