iPad Pro v/s Surface Pro 4: Benchmark Results

Apple has certainly packed a lot of power in the iPad pro. 
John Gruber of Daring Fireball on his review of the iPad Pro:

The iPad Pro is without question faster than the new one-port MacBook or the latest MacBook Airs. I’ve looked at several of my favorite benchmarks — Geekbench 3Mozilla’s Kraken, and Google’s Octane 2 — and the iPad Pro is a race car. It’s only a hair slower than my year-old 13-inch MacBook Pro in single-core measurements.

Go read this review.

One of the biggest reasons for me to replace my MacBook is the mobility and the battery longevity that comes with the iPad Pro.  

One of the things that I hope Apple and other developers do with their apps, is design applications that run a certain way on the iPhone, a certain way on the iPad and a certain way on the iPad Pro. There is a lot of real estate on the iPad Pro both horizontally and vertically and the using the same iPad UI does not do justice to this.