Where would you like to be?

I stumbled upon this slide via Dustin Moskovitz’ presentation at a recent conference:

This was the crowd favorite slide at my talk this morning at #startat15. Hopefully we'll have the whole video soon. pic.twitter.com/Ot0Z4bpzVQ
— Dustin Moskovitz (@moskov) October 11, 2015

I found myself staring at this image for hours and then sending it to a few of my friends. I’ve been part of each single column multiple time and only today after looking at this slide; I question myself - what am I going to do with this information and where do I want to be? 

I don’t think there is a specific column or block that is better then the other. Its more like what are your tolerance level; pick that block. So the next time you are questioning your role/work; look at this slide. It will make total sense.