More on the 'rumored' 12" MacBook Air

A few of days back I wrote about the rumored 12" MacBook Air and about my reservations on some of the design aspects of it.  As the days go by, more opinion are pouring out about the 12" MacBook Air and here are a couple of links that are worth reading.

Jason Snell's take on the rumored 12" MacBook Air:

Meanwhile, consider the trajectory of the MacBook Air. When it was released in 2008, it was a crazy design. It threw away a huge number of what we considered to be standard laptop features in order to be insanely thin and light.

People freaked out on the new design. Today, I see MacBook Airs everywhere. Even the Apple competitors are releasing tablets and Laptops and calling them lighter then the MacBook Air, little they realize that MacBook Air is already 6 years old.

If Gurman’s reports are accurate, this new model pulls the MacBook Air line away from the MacBook Pro. In fact, it returns the MacBook Air to its roots—as a product full of choices that we consider crazy at first, because they’re out of step with conventional computer design, but that will appeal to a target audience that doesn’t actually care about those de rigueur features.

If you want a powerful laptop, go get a MacBook Pro. Simple!

There is a very specific set of users who would use the MacBook Air. If you don't use heavy applications, and use your laptop mainly for communications, creating documents, music, watch movies, browse the internet, etc., the MacBook Air is your choice. 

John Gruber's take on the rumored 12" MacBook Air:

iPads don’t have MagSafe, and generally aren’t used while charging, so maybe this new MacBook is supposed to work like an iPad, unplugged.Possible, I suppose, but I think this train of logic would lead one to argue that Apple should stop making MacBooks and everyone should just use iPads. The whole point of MacBooks and iPads being separate devices with completely different form factors is that people use them for different tasks, and in different environments. iPads are usually held in hand,1 lessening the need for MagSafe protection. Plus, even if this new MacBook has absolutely staggering battery life, if people can plug it in while using it, they will, at least sometimes, which means MagSafe trip protection would still be useful.