iPhone, the behemoth

Whatever, the reasons, my mind keeps going back to the number — approximately $20 billion dollars of iPhones — roughly 34 percent of Apple’s total sales for the three months ending December 31, 2014. It explains everything about the company, its priorities and why it is starting to show signs of wear and tear across its other product lines.

This number when compared to Xiaomi, Intel, Cisco and other organizations is STAGGERING. I mean $20 billion from just iPhone's.

For me, it is time to head down to the gym, and force myself to walk for about an hour to ensure, a normal day at work. I just finished writing on a Mac. I am going to listed music using my Beats Audio headphones (an Apple company) on my Apple iPhone 6+. For now Apple has most of my gadget budget and attention. I hope they don’t lose it.

This says it all to me.