flickr finally gets it right

Some time back I wrote about flickr's new design and especially about the new photo experience page here.

Looks like flickr has been reading feedback published by various blogs, twitter and I am sure the feedback option they had while flickr was in beta (I still don't know if they are out of beta).  The overall design on their website including navigation hasn't changed much, however the photo experience page did make drastic changes.   

Here's a screenshot:


Comparing this view to what they had, this is much better.  My actions are clear, I see the total number of views, favorites and comments instantly creative commons license agreement.  The most important change that I notice is that the view now is much clear, simple and I know how to go back from here.  

So far so good, one complain I do have is when I scroll down, I loose my context - my picture.  

ANY Point of View

It did be great if flickr could some how maintain this.  So far so good.  

Thank you flickr.