Workers on Tap

Sit back & think about it; you will realize how many on-demand services you are already using.

Yet this on-demand economy goes much wider than the occasional luxury. Click on Medicast’s app, and a doctor will be knocking on your door within two hours. Want a lawyer or a consultant? Axiom will supply the former, Eden McCallum the latter. Other companies offer prizes to freelances to solve R&D problems or to come up with advertising ideas. And a growing number of agencies are delivering freelances of all sorts, such as and Elance-oDesk, which links up 9.3m workers for hire with 3.7m companies.

It's mind boggling when you think about the kind of services that can be provided on-demand.  Laundry, Food, Taxi, Luxury Taxi, Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Shaving Accessories, Groceries... the list just goes on.

Karl Marx said that the world would be divided into people who owned the means of production—the idle rich—and people who worked for them. In fact it is increasingly being divided between people who have money but no time and people who have time but no money. The on-demand economy provides a way for these two groups to trade with each other.

Although I would say it is all about convienence. Online shopping was a rage, but we all know the frustration of waiting for your product to get delivered espeically if its the standard free shipping. 

I get my Razors and Gel delivered to me every 3 months at my doorstep from Harry's where as my son gets his diapers & wipes delivered every 5th day of the month from These servies are great because now you don't have to stock gazzilion boxes in your house. They get delivered to your doorstep on the day that you think you might run out of supplies.

To think about it, apart from on-demand services on the rise, there are also services coming up that are online only. Casper & Warby Parker are two services that I recently used. 

Although great, apart from Uber, Airbnb and other major services, most of the services are only available in major cities only. Guess its all about supply and demand.