Thoughts On iPad Sales

The great thing for consumers is that the iPad is built so well, people don’t feel the need to upgrade them as often. Apple also ensures the new iOS is compatible with a couple of generations of iPads and developers often do the same with their apps.

Absolutely! Apart from the Touch ID, I really haven’t felt the need to upgrade my iPad Air.

People treat their iPad purchases like they treat their computer purchases. They expect these devices to last longer and do more than an iPhone. In a lot of ways, it’s a bizarre thought because of the similarities of the devices, but I believe this is what’s happening.

Couldn’t agree more. I had the first generation of the iPad when it was launched in 2010.  I upgraded myself to the 3rd Generation when the retina screen came out and then to the iPad Air. The only reason I upgraded to iPad Air was because the demand for the iPad went up in my house when my son found it fascinating that he could touch stuff on a glass piece and things happened.