No sentimental farewell for a practical man

An Epic and Exciting journey comes to an end.  

He loves the game, but he is also detached from the other paraphernalia. He always gave you the impression this wasn't the life he loved or craved; this was just a job that was his responsibility for whatever few years he had. He managed the task of being the India captain while being an immensely private person. He was never going to make leaving an emotional act. All his cricketing life he has been obsessed with keeping the emotion out of it. He was not going to let it infiltrate his final Test.  

Having played Cricket for a decade and a half; I have always enjoyed watching MS Dhoni - especially his unusual but very effective Batting style. His temperament was awesome on and off the field and he was the obvious choice to lead Team India when Anil Kumble had to retire in the middle of the Australia tour of India.

There will be no farewell Test for India's most successful Test captain, most successful wicketkeeper and most prolific keeper-batsman. No home series will be sold at exorbitant prices. No home association will be allowed to exploit the moment. There won't be farewell speeches. There wasn't even a farewell press conference. Without any fanfare, 44 minutes after MS Dhoni had finished his press conference post the Boxing Day Test, the BCCI sent a press release with the news. An hour after India had managed to draw an away Test, the first time in the last 14 Australia-India Tests that a team hasn't lost away from home. In the middle of a series. Just like that.

We won't the T20 Championships; we became the #1 Test side in the world and finally we won the World Cup in 2011. That's one heck of a call for a retirement. 

But that's not Dhoni. Remember what he told us when asked to compare the two whitewashes in 2011 and 2011-12: you die, you die; you don't see which is a better way to die. You end your Test career, you end your Test career. You don't see which is a better way to end your Test career.

You die, you die.