The Power of RAW on iPhone

However, as awesome as RAW is, it’s important to know RAW isn’t a magic “enhance” button. Some of our users sometimes reach out with confusion about their RAW images looking worse than a regular capture from the stock camera app.

It’s helpful to understand how a RAW file is fundamentally different than JPEG, to fully understand the tradeoffs. 

If you want to understand what it means to shoot RAW file format on any camera; go read this article. The dynamics of shooting RAW on iPhone or any other professional camera are more or less the same and Sebastiaan de With does a great job explaining this.

They have the best views...

New York is one of the best places for photography, but to capture the skyline of New York, especially Manhattan; one must go across the Hudson River.

The stretch form New Port to Exchange Place in Jersey City you have breath taking views of Downtown Manhattan. Do not be in a hurry to get there and click pictures; but take your time and reach there just about 20 minutes before sunset and you won't be disappointed. 

The sun setting just behind you casts a beautiful golden hue on the entire city. If you are lucky, go on an overcast day and if the rain clouds are clearing. 

The city that never sleeps; turns on those tungsten and energy efficient LED's once the sun goes down. Transitioning form the Golden hour to the Blue hour is also a surreal experience.

For a place to have the best views of Manhattan, do have some pretty views for themselves as well, Just look around. 


Cannon Beach

I have always been fascinated with these rocks on the beaches of Pacific North West. I finally made it to this part of the world but like most of my un-planned trips, this visit to Cannon Beach left me wanting to visit this place once again; preferably with a lot of time on hand. 

Racing against time and with an overcast sky; my expectations driving to the beach were not high. Parking has always been a challenge at these locations, but a lack of signs was the worst. With the help of a few locals, I did find a spot to park my car; grab my gear and race to the beach with about 9 minutes of daylight remaining.