The Power of RAW on iPhone

However, as awesome as RAW is, it’s important to know RAW isn’t a magic “enhance” button. Some of our users sometimes reach out with confusion about their RAW images looking worse than a regular capture from the stock camera app.

It’s helpful to understand how a RAW file is fundamentally different than JPEG, to fully understand the tradeoffs. 

If you want to understand what it means to shoot RAW file format on any camera; go read this article. The dynamics of shooting RAW on iPhone or any other professional camera are more or less the same and Sebastiaan de With does a great job explaining this.

They have the best views...

New York is one of the best places for photography, but to capture the skyline of New York, especially Manhattan; one must go across the Hudson River.

The stretch form New Port to Exchange Place in Jersey City you have breath taking views of Downtown Manhattan. Do not be in a hurry to get there and click pictures; but take your time and reach there just about 20 minutes before sunset and you won't be disappointed. 

The sun setting just behind you casts a beautiful golden hue on the entire city. If you are lucky, go on an overcast day and if the rain clouds are clearing. 

The city that never sleeps; turns on those tungsten and energy efficient LED's once the sun goes down. Transitioning form the Golden hour to the Blue hour is also a surreal experience.

For a place to have the best views of Manhattan, do have some pretty views for themselves as well, Just look around. 


Tamasha - Why always the same story!

I read reviews of movies at a lot of places, since in this day and age they are NEWS! Who overacted, how much $$ did the money make (which is intriguing since today the least amount a movie can make 100 crores), who fell in love with whom and what was all the controversy about. 

I have read every single review by Prakash Jashnani at talking talkies. It's because all his reviews are none of the above. Straightforward and to the point and every time I watch a movie after reading his review or the other way, I find my self nodding my head in agreement. 

Prakash writing on Tamasha:

Tamasha is probably also Imtiaz Ali’s first foray into meta narratives or the metamovie for Tamasha is a story about stories, storytelling, storytellers, and the story-within-the-story. Reason why Tamasha so often treads into the domain of the absurd. While this absurdity is not new in Ali’s movies, it sure reaches its zenith in Tamasha, thanks to a liberated performance by Ranbir Kapoor as the lost-and-found soul Ved who needs his soul mate Tara (Deepika Padukone) to show him the mirror to his real inner self. It is in these absurd moments that Ranbir Kapoor goes haywire doing things “normal” people would not.

iPad Pro v/s Surface Pro 4: Benchmark Results

Apple has certainly packed a lot of power in the iPad pro. 
John Gruber of Daring Fireball on his review of the iPad Pro:

The iPad Pro is without question faster than the new one-port MacBook or the latest MacBook Airs. I’ve looked at several of my favorite benchmarks — Geekbench 3Mozilla’s Kraken, and Google’s Octane 2 — and the iPad Pro is a race car. It’s only a hair slower than my year-old 13-inch MacBook Pro in single-core measurements.

Go read this review.

One of the biggest reasons for me to replace my MacBook is the mobility and the battery longevity that comes with the iPad Pro.  

One of the things that I hope Apple and other developers do with their apps, is design applications that run a certain way on the iPhone, a certain way on the iPad and a certain way on the iPad Pro. There is a lot of real estate on the iPad Pro both horizontally and vertically and the using the same iPad UI does not do justice to this. 

I think its hard to resist copying a design that works...

Will Oremus writing for The Slate:

The spokesman I talked to was at pains to point out that a unique feature of the Microsoft Store called the Answer Bar. It's basically a giant desk near the back of the store where you can go to talk to a Microsoft representative about the problems you're having with Microsoft products. This should by no means be confused with Apple's Genius Bar, which—oh, I give up.

It's just hard to resist. I worked for a certain android based hardware manufacturing company in the past. They try to be innovative; but I guess its just hard to continue experimenting when someone tells you how to bake a cake.